Her Hard Work Made It Easy On Us

"I want to take the time to thank Patty for all the work she did for us while we were looking for a house. She found the perfect house for us, and helped us through the whole process. It was a huge undertaking with all of our unusual requirements, numerous negotiations etc., but her hard work made it easy on us.
Patty, you're the best, and we would highly recommend you to anyone. We also look forward to working with you again we start looking for a rental prop.
Sincerely D&D Bishop"

-D&D Bishop

Always Knew What I Needed

"Patty made my home purchase delightful! She always knew what I needed before I even asked her. She is an excellent negotiator, is thoughtful, prompt and follows through. I highly recommend her."

-Bella S., first time buyer

Highly Recommend her to Potential Buyers

"We have been looking for a home on and off for over 10 years. Patty has been very patient with us. When we finally found our home, she acted very fast to make the purchase happen. She has always looked out for our best interest, even if it means not making a sale. We appreciate everything she has done for us and highly recommend her to potential buyers."

-Virna G, purchased several investment properties.

Had Multiple Offers Within The First Week

"I have known Patty for many years. This year I asked her to assist in selling our home. The market being what it was in Eugene she did excellent research on our property. Under her guidance and recommendation we listed and sold our house within 30 days. We had multiple offers within the first week. Patty is a friend and a professional who will get the job done."

-Jillmgrover, sold home

Anyone Who Uses Patty Will Get a Thorough Treatment, And a House That Fits Their Needs.

"I knew I might get the 5-star-rating. Actually, Patty was a 6, as I had some difficult needs in finding a house. I had never been to Eugene, I had 4 days of time to find a place, and I have chemical sensitivities that put most houses out as they are not safe for me. This place is great: off-gases, no fireplace, older, white walls, safe basement for storage, and space between me and the neighbors. Also, quite close to basic stores. And it has great trees for the quail to climb on, the hill has a wind much of the time so air quality is good. The lichens are evidence of that. Patty was smart to show me around eugene's various neighborhoods, so when I saw this house, I knew I didn't need to look further. She is meticulous about the details of things that needed attention. We went through Pillar to Post with a fine tooth comb. It is clear that Patty really likes Eugene. I look forward to the day when everything is out of boxes, and the curtains are up, and I can go visit the spots she showed me. Anyone who uses Patty will get a thorough treatment, and a house that fits their needs."

-Judith S, relocated and purchased home.

We Worked With Patty On Several Prior Home Purchases and Sales

"We worked with Patty on several prior home purchases/sales when we lived in
Eugene some time back. We will be retiring back to Eugene from the Portland area
and knew we wanted Patty to help us find our next place. The only way we would
not have worked with her would have been if she was no longer in the business."

-Judy and Greg T., purchased and sold multiple homes

We Appreciate Patty's Honesty and Expertise

"Thank you for helping us. We both enjoyed your expertise and appreciated your honesty about potential problems. We feel you have our best interest and that is most important. We are excited to work with you."

-Edene & Philip, multi-plex investors

You Have Gone Above and Beyond for Us

"We appreciate everything you have done for us, including postponing your vacation so you could be there for us at the closing. We realize you have gone above and beyond for us. There are no words to express our gratitude. Thanks from the depths of our hearts. You are truly amazing!!!"

-Greg and Beccy, first time home buyers

You Were Terrific at Educating me About the Eugene Area

"Patty made my experience as a first time home buyer pleasant and easy. She was terrific at educating me about the Eugene area, and making sure I knew about places that fit my needs the moment they were available...there weren't many, but she persevered with patience until we found just the right place for me. She had multiple recommendations for good partners every step of the way...potential lenders, home inspection, title and escrow, even house cleaning."

-Karl, relocation condo buyer

Patty Saved Us Thousands of Dollars

"Patty helped us locate and purchase a multi-family property. She was so helpful and very professional, honest and competent. She followed through on everything in a very efficient manner. We recommend Patty to everyone who is thinking of either selling or buying. Patty saved us thousands of dollars by giving us excellent guidance through all the phases of our search for the right property."

-Mary, Investor

Your Service and Follow Up are the Best of Any Realtor I Have Done Business With

"We sincerely appreciate all the effort you put into selling our house. I found your enthusiasm, attention to detail, and your consideration for us truly remarkable. We heartily recommend you to all our friends. You cease to surprise us! Your service and follow up are the best of any Realtor we have done business with. Your name is the first on our list when someone asks if we know any good realtors."

-John and Barb, home sellers

Working with You was One of the Bright Spots of the Year

"Thank you so much for your personal note and the copy of my closing statement. I had totally forgotten about the interest I paid and then your reminder saved me over $250 on taxes. Working with you was one of the few bright spots of the year. I appreciate your help and support."

-Barbara, single family home buyer

Overjoyed and Awed. Ear to Ear Grins

"Thank you so much for shepherding us through this journey! We are overjoyed, giddy awed and stunned to have this beautiful home. If we aren't crying with happiness then our faces are splitting with ear to ear grins. You have been so very gracious, generous, kind and patient that we both feel extremely blessed to have you as our Realtor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

-Hal and Kathy, home buyers

Thank Goodness for Patty's Perseverance Because there were Back Up Offers Within 48 Hours

"Patty pulled new listings daily and went as far as to drive in the neighborhoods looking for "Sale by Owner" signs and new listings not yet in the computer. In fact, the house we bought Patty found in the morning on a drive-by as the listing agent hadn't intended to put the listing into the computer until that afternoon. We wrote an offer that day. Thank goodness for Patty's perseverance because there were back-up offers on the strong sellers market. Patty was able to keep it all together, in more ways than one. We feel very good about the deal. I highly recommend Patty. She is very conscientious and I know she would do an excellent job listing our home as well."

-Phil and Lisa, home buyers

Class Act All the Way

"I want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your effort and the resulting success at selling my home. You demonstrated professionalism throughout the entire process. I always felt informed due to your prompt phone messages and emails. Patty, thank you for all the other extras - large and small - to make the sale so smooth. You were a class act all the way and I am indebted to you."

-Ray, home seller

Focused, Goes The Extra Mile, Under Promises-Over Delivers

"Patty is a talented professional. She is a bad ass realtor who gets the job done. Focused, Goes The Extra Mile, Under Promises - Over Delivers..."

-Evan R.

A True Professional

"Patty is a true professional, a wise negotiator and a wonderful person. Our transaction involved simultaneously selling one property and buying another, so we benefited from her knowledge, patience and skill on both sides of the equation. On the property we purchased, Patty found what we were looking for, guided us through the negotiation process to reach a fair price and terms, communicated with the seller's agent with skill, calm and fairness to keep things on track, and was there every step of the way to ensure repairs were completed, the loan broker had what he needed, and basically address whatever was needed to successfully close the deal. For the property we sold, her advice on price and strategy was spot on and led to a sale in a tight timeframe and difficult market. Again, her calm, professional and friendly approach was reassuring not just to us but also to the buyer and her agent. Patty does all this with a friendly and can-do spirit. She is totally trustworthy, straightforward and easy to work with. We are fortunate to have her as our agent. Both the sale and purchase were successfully completely largely due to her efforts."


You Are a Pro

"I just wanted to say thanks for being a "pro". It's very refreshing. I know Tamie really appreciated your guidance and expertise, and I appreciated your thoroughness and attention to details. I wish you the best best, always! Hope we can work together again soon."


You Spent Hours and Hours

"Thanks so much for your help, advice and expertise in the find-a-house project. I know you spent hours and hours. I am grateful. I think I am going to love this new little place. The neighborhood feels just great!"


Help & Expertise Appreciated

"Thank you so much for all your wonderful guidance and mentorship as I learned from you for assistance with my first FZ vacant lot! Your help and experience is truly appreciated and valued!"


Nice Transaction!

"Thank you Patty, for a nice transaction with 2285 Arthur! It's a pleasure to work with a great Realtor and neighbor!"


Excellent Service

"Thank you so much for your excellent service and guidance in getting our property sold. I could not have asked for more thorough leadership on your parts to secure the best possible price and to retain the dignity of the land my father loved and tended for so many years. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you both and, again, GREATLY appreciate all the work you did on my and my brothers' behalf."


Highly Recommended

"Thank you so much for all your great work helping me find a new home. You will certainly be highly recommended. Have a wonderful summer."


Really Saved the Day!

"Due to her years of experience and people skills, Patty is both knowledgeable and has an amazing network of professional relationships that can expedite the home buying process. In my case, her ability to get an expert in to locate a potential underground oil tank before the deadline for inspections ran out really saved the day."


She Lived in That House Over 50 Years

"Thank you again for all your help and patience! As you well know, buying/selling a house is in the top 5 stressful things in a person's life; particularly stressful for someone who's lived in the same house for over 50 years and no longer has my dad to help. On behalf of my mom, I GREATLY appreciate your diligence and understanding're a Rockstar!"


Went That Extra Mile

"I felt like we had excellent rapport from my first meeting with her. Patty and Roy went that extra mile to help me get this property sold. I plan to ask Patty to be my rep. again for any future properties I might sell. And thanks to Patty for helping me negotiate the purchase of my new property in Eugene."

-Nancy K., sold farm and acreage, purchased home